Greensolver is involved for a few months now, in the construction of the biggest solar PV plant of the Netherlands, Scaldia, based in the province of Zeeland. Expected to reach a capacity of 55MW we have been retained to supervise the construction and provide an HSE support, ensuring compliance to legislation, permit and general HSE rules.

As for every construction project, the ground quality is of outmost importance for final assembly and project quality and in the province of Zeeland, ground is relatively weak & loose. Therefore, we have decided to drive piles about 2 meters deep down the ground, as shown on the picture below.

Piles allows a better anchorage of tables, on which PV panels will be mounted.

Once all tables are placed, we will run a test with a test table filled with panels, also called the “Mock-up Table”. The mock-up table allow us not only to see how the panels are to be installed but also to make sure that connections are working and electrical wires are long enough.

Once the mock-up table will be confirmed, the remaining 140,000 panels will be placed. We estimate that about 3,500 panels will be assembled per day over 6 to 8 weeks.

We will keep you posted on regular basis with updated on the construction. Stay tuned!

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