Wednesday, May 22th 2019, Greensolver, the independent technical expert dedicated to wind and solar, organized its first French Breakfast-Conference of this year.

In a collaborative and open environment, the guests met at OpenMind kfé Opéra on a Breakfast-Conference organized by Greensolver.

The morning was divided into three parts:

The first one, gave an overview of the market’s trends through studies and impactful figures and was animated by Guy Auger. During this part, Greensolver presented several innovative views on the market, demonstrating that solar is rapidly developing and announcing further significant growth for the years to come. Moreover, the subject of batteries and energy storage that promise profitability and durability within a few years was also evoked. Two subjects to follow closely.

A second part, also presented by Guy Auger, explained in detail the new service of ASSET OPTIMISATION that Greensolver has developed: a service divided into 6 specific and precise points for which Greensolver brings its expertise and which allows plants to enjoy a significant increase of the TRI.

The third part, still centered around the optimization theme, was presented by Sereema, a technical service provider, invited by Greensolver to come present their innovation WindFit allowing the recovery of a certain amount of data concerning the wind turbines in order to be able to apply the appropriate adjustments for an optimal performance. A technological innovation that Greensolver approves of and recommends when requested for a technical management mission.

The participants came out delighted of the morning, fed by the gourmet breakfast offered by OpenMind kfé Opéra as much as by the many information they received during the conference. A second French Breakfast-Conference will be held in October; stay connected so you don’t miss out!


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