Many O&M contracts signed during the 2009-2010 period are reaching their exit door window. With a more competitive market and new pure players dedicated to maintenance, it is now possible to negotiate better conditions for your O&M contracts.

Greensolver global view of the market and recent discussions with O&M provider were compiled in the hot trends below:


  • Availability per WTG


It is easy to achieve a 95-97% annual availability on 5 turbines but that does not cover against the poor performance of one WTG. An availability per WTG is a way to make sure each turbine of your park will perform as it should.


  • Energy availability


Achieving a good temporal availability does not mean that your asset will produce 95 or 97% of what it could have produced. A warrantied energy availability is a way to make sure the maintenance is performed during low wind periods. Breakdowns during high wind period will also have a bigger impact on the availability.


  • Intervention time


It is important to make sure your maintenance provider is reactive and trigger quick intervention when breakdowns occurred. This can be enforced by using a capped on site intervention time.


  • Spare parts


The availability of spare parts is a key element to reach a quick resolution of the breakdowns of your WTG. The maintenance provider should maintain a minimal stock of the most common parts.


The renegotiation of your maintenance contract is an effective way to improve your asset’s profitability!

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