Episode 1: Noise


The noise regulation has changed in 2011 in France. Many acoustic studies performed before, and sometimes after, this change are obsolete.

New wind farms are subjected to post-construction noise analysis within a few months after commissioning. But the operational wind farms built before 2011 are not safe from the regulation obligations either. These requirements are indeed retroactive. A new noise analysis can be requested in case of resident complaints or ICPE inspection for example. The non-compliance of a wind farm can in that case be revealed after several years of operation.

The up-to-date standard provides indications on the expected quality of a noise analysis (measurement locations, number of data points, noise level indicator, calculation of reference wind speed…). New noise measurements do not necessarily need to be carried out, if their quality meets the standard requirements. But usually the analysis itself has to be run again.

Noise is a very sensitive question in France. Its financial implications on a wind farm acquisition can be considerable. Greensolver recommends to consider noise aspects with great care during a wind farm transaction process and is ready and willing to provide an expert opinion on acoustic reports.

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