Partnership will focus on delivering exclusive products and services dedicated to blades.

GREENSOLVER, the independent technical expert for wind & solar assets, announced today a strategic partnership with innovative German company SMART BLADE GmbH. The partnership will provide the industry with services and products dedicated to wind farm production optimization.

Wind farm optimization has become a key challenge for asset owners looking to enhance the reliability of an asset. Blades, accounting for about 30% of turbine downtimes, are amongst the most at-risk components of a wind turbine and are therefore one of the most important levers of optimization in a wind turbine.

The partnership will bring to the European industry new insight on blade optimization, combining GREENSOLVER’s deep asset management experience with SMART BLADE’s expertise & innovative solutions dedicated to optimization.

Under the terms of the agreement, GREENSOLVER is now the only operator in France licensed to install SMART BLADE’s Vortex Generators on wind turbines. Vortex Generators are a well proven technology to reduce stall effect on every turbine & blade type. The SMART BLADE solution, unique in its design and installation protocol, guarantees an annual energy production enhancement of 1% minimum. SMART BLADE has installed more than 2000 successful Vortex Generators worldwide. Under this partnership, GREENSOLVER’s experts will perform the feasibility studies and installations of the Vortex Generators.

Furthermore, other services of SMART BLADE, such as numerical aerodynamic analysis, data driven performance evaluation, wake effect analysis, as well as blade inspection and repair services, are also licensed by GREENSOLVER.

“Partnering with SMART BLADE allows us to enhance our capabilities as independent technical experts, providing our customers with exclusive solutions looking to minimize blade related risks, therefore enhancing production. We want to remain the best in class operators on the market. Partnering with innovative providers like SMART BLADE is how we maintain that position. Our joint efforts will enable us to push the industry to another level.” Comments Guy Auger – GREENSOLVER CEO.

GREENSOLVER and SMART BLADE will present their partnership during the National French Wind Association event, taking place September 19th & 20th in Paris. For more information on the services, visit GREENSOLVER booth #18.

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