We are proud to announce that we have just renewed our ISO & OHSAS certifications ensuring our customers benefit from organizational, environmental and health & safety best practices.

Renewed every two years after a full audit of the company and its processes, each standard is dedicated to guarantee safe, reliable & good quality in the following fields:

  • ISO 9001 – quality management: demonstrates that our company & team are able to respond effectively to our customers’ expectation through a set of best practice and processes,
  • ISO 14001 – environmental management: proves our commitment manage the impact of our activities on the environment,
  • OHSAS 18001 – health & safety: demonstrates our effectiveness in managing HSE issues to minimize risks exposing our staff and any other stakeholders.

This trio of standards also ensure our customers that our reporting & management system is replicated by our suppliers.

ISO certifications Greensolver

Greensolver is also, as of today, one of the few asset managers being certified on the French market with the ISO 55001 standard which ensure expertise as it proves the existence of strong processes for technical, administrative & financial asset management. This standard is therefore a guarantee of a rigorous, reliable, supervised and efficient asset management.

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