Asset manager Greensolver launches new version of its benchmarking tool allowing performance comparison of solar parks.

Greensolver, the independent technical expert for wind and solar assets, has announced that its unique performance benchmarking tool, Greensolver Index, is now available for European solar assets.

With European solar projects raising more and more interest from investors, there is growing demand for these assets to be independently managed by a specialist who will ensure that solar park deliver their peak performance and, by extension, portfolio returns. In addition, IS0 55001, the global asset management standard, requires investors to seek continuous improvements in asset performance.

In this respect, the capacity of Greensolver Index to benchmark portfolio performance in real time against industry standards, and other projects Europe wide, gives investors confidence that their assets are under ongoing and active management.

“Greensolver Index is a unique portfolio benchmarking tool. Indeed, thanks to Greensolver Index, investors now have the ability to evaluate the performance of individual assets not only against other like assets in their portfolio, but also projects Europe-wide. It gives investors a much clearer idea of how their operations and maintenance record stacks up against their peers” comments Guy Auger, Greensolver CEO.

The tool offer a wide range of analysis to be performed: performance ratio, global horizontal irradiation, capacity factor, plant availability, performance quartiles, specific yield. All of these can then be drilled down by maintenance provider, type of park (roof top, ground mounted, solar canopies) and the eventual presence of trackers.

“Since we subscribed to Greensolver Index, the tool has proven to be useful not only in identifying underperforming metrics of assets in our portfolio, but also in negotiations with our O&M suppliers, be it on availability warranties or O&M contracts. I look forward to the solar version to get the same benefits on our solar portfolio.” adds Jordi Francesch, Head of Asset Management, Glennmont Partners.

Greensolver Index is free of charge for all users looking to upload their assets and for same specification comparisons (based on model & manufacturer) and is available Europe wide. For more information:

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